Legal Firm Ślązak i Partnerzy (Ślązak and Partners) provides comprehensive  counselling  to clients. Our long-time experience allows us to form an opinion that Clients benefit most in a model where legal services are provided on an ongoing basis. This solution allows, among others,
to adjust the rules of cooperation to the Client’s individual needs;

  • to secure ongoing monitoring of legal issues of Clients and to diagnose potential legal risks;
  • to update the Client on changes in law  and what legal actions need to be taken;
  • to delegate a permanent representative of the Law Office to provide services to a given Client.


The areas of practice of the Law Office include in particular:


  • we provide counselling regarding the optimum choice of the legal form for the Client's activity;
  • we set up companies, provide services to company bodies, prepare internal documentation of the company (resolutions, regulations, agreements) and documentation necessary to fulfil the obligations stipulated by law regarding notification and update of data revealed in the National Court Register, as well as we represent Clients in proceedings before registry courts, tax bodies and statistical offices in matters connected with creating and transforming companies, which are subject to entry into the register of entrepreneurs;
  • we carry out legal audits (due diligence) of trading companies;
  • we advise in restructuring processes of businesses (merger/division/ transformation) and in the process of company acquisition;
  • we provide ongoing legal services to companies with Polish and foreign capital with regard to all issues arising from current business operations;
  • we advise in bankruptcy and liquidation processes of companies.



  • we offer comprehensive legal counselling with respect to drafting, evaluating and negotiating contracts (agreements, memoranda of understanding, letters of intent) concluded between Polish and international parties;
  • we prepare concepts of transaction security (escrow accounts, bank guarantees, promissory notes, transfers of title to secure loan repayment, deposits, mortgages, warranties, etc.);
  • on Client’s request we supervise proper  execution of concluded agreements;
  • we draw up general terms of business (OWU), standard agreements and regulations;
  • we offer legal support in the process of creating business concepts connected with conclusion of agreements over the Internet (lawyers from our Firm are, among others, authors of the concept of granting consumer loans online);


  • comprehensive counselling in the area of real estate transactions, including advise on purchase of real estate in primary market (developer agreements)
  • legal audits of real estate (due diligence);
  • advice on financing transactions in the real estate market and establishing a security on loan agreements;
  • legal advice in property restitution proceedings;
  • we assist in investment processes (design agreements, construction works contracts with general contractors and subcontractors, project management agreements);
  • advice in matters relating to investment in the area of renewable energy resources as well as seizure of real estate for transmission equipment;
  • legal support to our Clients during the process of concluding lease, tenancy and lending-for-use agreements (both commercial and non-commercial) as well as property management agreements.

Partner of the Law Firm– counsel Michał Ślązak holds a licence of a real estate agent..



  • we advise our Clients on all issues relating to labour law (establishing, changing and terminating of employment relationships);
  • we prepare and evaluate all employment documentation, both for employment relationships and for contracts under civil law (contracts of employment, contracts of mandate, co-operation agreements, non-competition agreements) as well as internal by-laws (work regulations, remuneration regulations, Employee Benefit Fund regulations);
  • we advice on managerial contracts for the management staff;
  • we offer legal support in employment restructuring proceedings;
  • we represent Clients in all negotiations and court cases relating to labour law and managerial contracts.


  • drafting, evaluating and negotiating sales, production and distribution agreements for pharmaceuticals (including intellectual property protection) in national and foreign markets;
  • legal services to businesses active in the pharmaceutical market (pharmacies, pharmaceutical warehouses, manufacturing facilities).



  • we advise on copyright-related cases and issues connected with intellectual property, rights resulting from trademarks, patents, utility models, copyright laws and IT laws;
  • we prepare and evaluate agreements on the use or transfer of  copyrights as well as other agreements relating to intellectual property.



  • we offer legal counselling for banks and other financial and credit institutions,
  • we draft, evaluate and negotiate terms and conditions of loan agreements, agreements concerning security of debts as well as other agreements connected with financing of entrepreneurs;
  • we represent our Clients in the process of determining the rights and obligations which result from concluded loan agreements and in negotiations aiming at resolving disputes with banks, also during the court stage;
  • we represent clients in court proceedings which aim at establishing a security for the benefit of financial institutions (mortgage proceedings, entry of a mortgage into the registry of mortgages).



  • evaluating transactions as regards compliance with the law on competition and consumer protection as well as with the unfair competition act;
  • preparing notifications of the intention of concentration to the President of  the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection;
  • counselling as regards excluding the practices which limit competition and which involve abuse of a dominant position;
  • representing Clients of the Law Firm in negotiations and in proceedings which concern claims to relinquish unfair competition acts;
  • handling consumer protection cases;


  • legal counselling in the area of medical services, with particular focus on protection of patient’s rights;
  • handling the cases of medical malpractice on behalf of patients, both at the stage of negotiations and in court.



  • Our objective is to settle disputes amicably for our Clients through negotiations with the other party. When it is necessary we act as mediators or we represent our Clients in arbitration as well as in court and out-of-court disputes at all stages.

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